Our Services

From development plans to coaching, staffing, and implementation, KG Consulting can provide the comprehensive strategy you need to move forward.

Comprehensive Development Plans

KG Consulting creates comprehensive development plans by assessing current practice, gathering and analyzing relevant information and data, interviewing key stakeholders and identifying potential for growth in fundraising channels (i.e. foundations, major gifts, grassroots, on-line giving, events, corporate, and earned income).  Development plans include findings from interviews, outlines opportunities and barriers to growth; they include a detailed donor and prospect list; and they explore capacity of staff, board, and systems to implement fundraising programs.  Plans are reality based, using the organization’s prospect and donor information, staff and board capacity and other data to inform a detailed, comprehensive approach that is immediately implementable.

Coaching & Strategic Advice

Provide day-to-day strategic advice and counsel to managers and directors on outreach to donors/prospects, prospect meetings, individual asks, stewardship and cultivation efforts, events, and other activities related to fundraising.  Provide coaching on building a fundraising culture throughout the organization and building strong relationships with supporters and stakeholders of the organization.


Review existing staff positions and make recommendations on capacity needed and positions.  While we are not a search firm, we can develop job descriptions, help with distribution, interview candidates, and provide training.

Processes and Procedures

KG Consulting will develop new processes, protocols and procedures including development department metrics, prospect tracking, call-time management, event checklists, email templates, stewardship processes, donor outreach and communication tracking, grant proposals and reports, donor levels and benefits, and acknowledgements.

Events/Special Events

KG Consulting can help your organization identify the potential of and utilize events as a fundraising tool or cultivation activity and ensure that your events provide enough return on investment.

Positioning & Collateral Materials

KG Consulting can review current marketing materials and positioning and will provide guidance on the best approach for making a compelling fundraising argument for donors.  KG Consulting can develop donor facing materials and assist with the creation of a full complement of marketing materials.


Critical to any development program is the quality and potential of an organization’s donor and prospect list.  KG Consulting will assess and determine the financial capacity and potential for renewals, upgrades, and new donors.  Additionally, we can work with your organization to identify additional prospects and develop strategies for increasing your prospect pipeline.  Finally, we can conduct research on top prospects and build the capacity of your organization to do prospect research.


KGC can provide hands on direction for implementing the development plan. KG Consulting can also provide ongoing oversight and management of the development plan and donor outreach with client staff.  Track against goals and ensure appropriate follow up.   KGC works closely with the organization to ensure systems are in place to move forward with the programs, that benchmarks are met, and progress is made towards fundraising goals.  Depending on the capacity of groups, KGC is able to meet the fundraising needs of organizations that are in the process of hiring staff or who need short-term assistance in getting started.  We generally try to help organizations build fundraising capacity so they no longer need outside consulting assistance.

Board Development

KG Consulting will review the current efforts and capacity of organizational boards and make recommendations for increasing their impact by increasing the current member involvement, identifying additional members and building capacity through training or guidance on board roles on development.

Database Development/Review

Review needs of the organization, make recommendations on appropriate database/CRM systems and assist with development and implementation.


KG Consulting can provide training to all staff, board, development teams and/or senior leadership to help organizations shift to a fundraising culture and to help them execute on their development plans.  Trainings that KGC offers:

  • Building a Culture of Philanthropy – Fundraising 101
  • Making the Ask (including developing the pitch and role play)
  • Board Engagement
  • The Art of Email Outreach
  • Goal setting and building accountability measurements