Guiding Principles

KG Consulting brings the following principles to all our engagements. We believe they are essential to ensuring organizations are equipped to grow and sustain their important work while reducing the strain that fundraising often creates.

1) Mission Driven

We are a mission driven firm. We work with progressive organizations that are making a difference in the fight for democracy, justice, equity and a healthy planet.

2) Culture of Abundance

We approach fundraising with the philosophy that when high impact organizations bring a positive attitude, full participation, and a well-developed plan, that resources will follow. Often organizations approach development with a deep concern about scarce or inconsistent resources. This leads to stress, turnover, and ultimately can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Our goal is to create a comprehensive plan, work together to build this culture, and establish the systems to support success.

3) Capacity Building

Our goal is to support clients to develop and implement successful fundraising programs. We train staff, build systems, and work behind the scenes to develop the skills and structure needed for sustainable, diversified resources. We expect to end our engagements with our clients fully able to carry out the fundraising strategy, build donor relationships, and continue to grow.

4) Be systematic

We believe that good fundraising is both an art and a science.  By developing strong systems and processes, and implementing them with accountability and regularity, an organization greatly increases its chances for increasing funding.

5) Reality Based

KG Consulting carefully considers organizational capacity, the environment, the issue area, the pipeline of prospects, staffing, and a number of other factors in crafting our development plans. We make sure that our recommendations are realistic, based on data, and immediately actionable.

6) Integrity and humility

We continuously assess our impact and evaluate whether our clients are achieving the needed results. We ask whether our ongoing efforts continue to provide a return on investment. We also recognize that while we have extensive experience, we do not have a monopoly on wisdom. We welcome input from others and maintain an open mind, intellectual curiosity and respect.